Peter Fahrni

I am a late arrival to my own photography.
For much of my professional life, I have been running a prepress department, producing photography books and creating exhibits for
a web gallery. The love of photography has opened my eyes to the expressive possibilities of the art form, while idolizing the work of
great photographers has also kept them shut for a long time to the realization that I could pick up a camera myself.

From the beginning, I experienced the imme-
diacy of making photographs as liberating.
I love the heightened awareness and the learning from direct experience.


For me, photographing takes on an often contemplative quality. Without arriving in the 'here and now', there's little chance I will actually see a thing, as much as I may look.

In 2019, I moved from Manhattan, which was my home for 33 years, to Basel, Switzerland. Here, in my native country, I'm still tuning into the slower pace, the down-to-earthness of the people, and the presence of river Rhine, all of which make for softer images.

-Peter Fahrni